Thursday, March 26, 2009


Crate and Cot models were based off Doom 3 concepts and have my own added details.


Chris Holmes - Level Artist

Software Skills

· 3D Studio Max
· Adobe Photoshop
· Unity Editor
· Sandbox 2 Editor (Crysis)
· Zbrush
· Maya
· Adobe After Effects
· Filemaker Pro
· Microsoft Word
· Google Spreadsheet


The Art Institute of California- Orange County June 2004-2009
Bachelor of Science in Game Art & Design

Work Experience

Freelance Projects 2008 - 2009
Completed Art projects for various clients.
Projects included 3d background design (for composite with live action), 3d animation, and compositing using After Effects.
Experienced working under an art director to achieve life-like renders for live action composite.
- 300 lbs - (Backgrounds)
- Tavix Home Entertainment Logo - (Visuals)

Javaground February 2007-September 2007
Tested games on a hundreds of different cell phones
Ran diagnostic tests (profiling) on cell phones
Worked as a team with developers, QA leads, and other testers to ship titles in a timely fashion

Crave Entertainment May 2006-October 2006
Tested video games on a variety of game consoles including PS2 and Xbox
Tested Hard Rock Casino (PS2) from pre-alpha to gold master and logged over 500 bugs
Worked in teams on each project